Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires!

One of my favorite Thanksgivings ever. The entire day was spent enjoying community here in balmy Buenos Aires. Starting off with an epic football game, that led into cooking, napping, a fine feast, and much to be thankful for. I am so blessed to be a part of this community.

heart friends.

a title reserved for very few. Getting to know Jen has been a beautiful part of my time here in Buenos Aires.

Beautiful Familia

The Forcatto's.

Ambercita & Margarita

Amber and I rocked a great salad for the Thanksgiving meal.

Mashed potatoes!!

Our turkey dinner had all the fixins. Tina and Megan are makin it happen in the kitchen at the Forcatto's.

Thanksgiving! Futbol Norteamericano

An epic game of football was played to start off the Thanksgiving spirit. We had such a blast!

Tina got tackled*

The most afraid of getting tackled in Thanksgiving football game: tina, tina from Yale, gets bulldozered by Jer the bear, and eats some major dirt clod. Funny thing is, Jer was on Tina's team.

*No Tinas were actually re-wounded in the reenactment of this scene.

Epic Interception

The final play of the game (reinacted for photo).
My team was down, 2 touchdowns to 3. Megan wanted to end the game doubling our score. But, out of nowhere, came Felix with the interception running up field for the touchdown.
The game ends, 3 to 3. A happily ever after sort of Thanksgiving.
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Celebrating 50 years of marriage for Alejandra's parents.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

bye-bye Buenos Aires

Not for good! After 90 days in this beautiful city, we had to make a visa run to Colonia, Uruguay in order to renew our visas. This is a shot from the boat that took us across the Rio de la Plata to the sleepy Spanish Colonial city. We would spend two days of relaxing and playing. It was so nice to step back for a moment and reflect on our time, and look ahead to the four weeks we have left together as a servant team. Please notice Buenos Aires in the horizon on the right.

Somethings I missed, mostly our friends. It was nice to get away the realities of big city life: constant loud noises of buses and people, pollution, feeling unsafe, and of course- dog poop. We rented a nice little apartment with a big comfy living room and a huge terraza. It was so good to spend time with Tina, Megan, Amber, Jen and baby Eli. We ate some good food, encouraged one another, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. In short, I love Uruguay.
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Five Women & a Baby

(this photo + Jen)

Eli was in paradise with all of these women, although everyone knows he only has eyes for Tina.
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Dinner time

Sharing a great meal together in Uruguay.
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Baby Eli

Eli and Jen. Beautiful.
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We had a gorgeous day to ride bikes all around the city and along the beach. I never realized how much I truly loved riding bikes until this day. We got to play frisbee on the beach, reminding me of my last summer memories in Oregon.
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Seeing beautiful green trees brought rest and relaxation to my soul.
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A church right by our Apartment in Colonia, Uruguay.
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Papa Robertito

Dadda somehow got his photo up at a random restaurant in Uruguay.
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Taking friends with me. Love you.
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Sleepy Colonia

My home.
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Funny picture at customs. Small being inside woman.
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Springtime in Buenos Aires

Beautiful blossoms in the park near our home.
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A beautiful time of community every Saturday morning. Breakfast, followed by singing and praying up on our terraza. I am so blessed to know this wise women and to get to share this part of my journey with them.
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Call and Response

Once upon a beautiful sabbath we girls wrote down the things that were too heavy for our hearts to carry on little papers. We put them in this little wailing wall, a box Hannah took with her to Kolkata. Soon after we mourned these things, we looked up to the clear sky to see a rainbow incircling the sun. It was a moment of peace that we got to share with one another. A sweet reminder of God's promise.
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Sabbath Feet

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Preach it, Tina

Tina sharing some inspiring thought or another. She is wonderful, and we all enjoy hearing one another's perspectives or reflections on how we are being challenged here in Buenos Aires.
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Getting to share coffee and hospitality with the girls is my favorite part of Sabbath.
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Mama Megan

Megan loves her mami mug.
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Tina's Sabbath mug.

Sos genial, Tina.
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