Saturday, October 17, 2009

a life giving week

This week was so good. I just felt very present, and like my mind was very lucid- able to think through what I am living and not just going through the motions. This is so important for me, and I had felt so jumbled preciously. We had a really great time of prayer as a community (life giving-I love group prayer) bringing our friends who are poor into the center of our community, we would say their names and light a candle for them- a typical catholic practice, my grandma always used to do that.

Then on Thursday, we celebrated mothers day with the moms at Retiro. Took them to a little park. It was so beautiful to get to wash their feet and to give them foot massages. For one, they loved it. But for me, just showing them that they are loved. My friend Maria had never had a foot massage, and she enjoyed it a lot. I think about how redemptive it can be for a woman who only recieves sexual or abusive touch from men, and touch of need from children, to recieve a truly loving and caring touch. Possibly redemptive and restorative? I don´t know, it was super impactful for me. I wonder if there´s not more there to that for me? Like possibilities of touch therapy. Seems kinda silly, but who knows.

When we got home that evening, the house was kinda disorganized. So I had the idea to just go crazy, wash all the dishes, organize the kitchen for our host mom alejandra. Pablo came home in the middle of it, and suggested maybe we should make her dinner as well. These are things that rarely happen, as Alejandra is often the one to cook and clean. I made her a card as well, celebrating foreign mothers day, as the real mothers day is tomorrow here. That was super life giving for me too, surprises and showing care and appreciation.

Yesterday, I just felt really present as well. Loving two 9 year old girls who beg at the train station. Showing to them with all my words and actions that they are so loved, their true identity is beloved daughters of God. At the villa, I came super alive teaching. Love the excitement of kids learning, grasping new things and also being excited about it. I also got to connect with some of my students after class, asking about life in the villa. Hearing how dangerous it was. I look forward to building deeper relationships with some of these students. Not sure it was necessary to tell list every detail of my week, but it was a super good one, very life giving for me, and very much giving implications of strengths that I might have, and things I love to do.

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  1. Margi -
    Just happened upon your blog and am reliving my own Servant Team memories from 2+ years ago. Thanks for sharing your encounters with Christ. They touch my heart and my memories.

    Much love from one "fleshie" to another,