Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week Seven

Hola! This is just me sending some loving to all of you, and kind of explaining my blog situation...

Life in Buenos Aires is busy, and I don´t have too much time to write meaningful things on the internet (I have however filled half a journal in these 6 weeks). As I desire to keep people updated on this journey, I upload photos when I get a chance. The reality of my photos however is that I haven´t taken my camera many places that aren´t super safe yet, which happen to be most places in Buenos Aires, and absolutely every single place that we go in Buenos Aires. Also, out of respect for our friends that we spend time with on the street or in the slums, and the seriousness need for child protection, I won´t be posting any photos of these friends in particular on my blog. So, as you may have noticed, this leaves photos of the inside of my house and food... lame! Ok, not completely lame, but not at all representative of the richness of the experience I am having here in Buenos Aires.

A huge aspect of the servant team which I am a part of through Word Made Flesh is advocacy. Telling the stories of the friends I am making, which are our neighbors, the majority world, who know extreme poverty as their reality. They need to be heard, they need to be known, and we need to respond. Ingnorance and indifference are active responses.

All that to say, I truly hope to write more and have this journey that I am on be one that is shared and that brings growth to our greater community. Please feel free to respond with any thoughts or questions.

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