Thursday, November 19, 2009

bye-bye Buenos Aires

Not for good! After 90 days in this beautiful city, we had to make a visa run to Colonia, Uruguay in order to renew our visas. This is a shot from the boat that took us across the Rio de la Plata to the sleepy Spanish Colonial city. We would spend two days of relaxing and playing. It was so nice to step back for a moment and reflect on our time, and look ahead to the four weeks we have left together as a servant team. Please notice Buenos Aires in the horizon on the right.

Somethings I missed, mostly our friends. It was nice to get away the realities of big city life: constant loud noises of buses and people, pollution, feeling unsafe, and of course- dog poop. We rented a nice little apartment with a big comfy living room and a huge terraza. It was so good to spend time with Tina, Megan, Amber, Jen and baby Eli. We ate some good food, encouraged one another, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. In short, I love Uruguay.
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